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Buying a new computer might not be affordable for a lot of people, yet still their old computer is not operating as needed. Our computer repair service include computer speed optimization and upgrade. Our technicians can offer an upgrade in speed to any computer if needed. The process of computer speed up is related to each computer by itself. In order to find the suitable speed upgrade, our technicians follows the below process:

Hard Drive (HDD) / Solid State Drive (SSD) Testing: Our computer repair technician starts with testing the health of your drive because it is important to have a healthy drive to get the best out of your computer. A hard drive with bad sectors will minimize the speed of the computer and especially when it start up. The recommended upgrade will be as follow:

Hard Drive (HDD) Replacement:

If the hard drive turn to be damaged, a replacement will be recommended for the repair and this will speed up the computer to its previous speed when it first came out from the factory.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade:

An upgrade to SSD will be the ideal solution for a slow computer. Whether the current hard drive is damaged or not, an upgrade to SSD will be recommended. our SSD upgrade replacement is the quickest in Brisbane. your SSD will be installed while you wait in the shop as we do our job before you visit us. We load our drives with operating system so that we can deliver the repair service on the spot.

Ram Upgrade

We might also suggest a RAM upgrade for some computers. Whether its Desktop PC, Laptop, or AIO computer, we have all the parts in stock for an instant upgrade.

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Maria Anderson

CFO, Tech NY
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John Smith

Manager, Tele Service