Network Ceiling Speaker, PoE

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Tema AD633 – SIP Network Ceiling Speaker, PoE

  • Launch of PA ads from any phone by calling the account of the IP SIP Speaker
  •  Security code from keyboard to start the announcement
  •  2nd SIP accounts night call repeater function sounds files freely customizable
  •  Output for 2nd passive speaker 6W 8 Ohm to extend the served area or to generate a 100V-6W audio line
  •  Double internal audio amplifier 2x6W (maximum output power using external power supply)
  •  PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard, only one cable connection
  •  2 internal relays for external devices drives via LAN
  •  16 Multicast channels for broadcasting background music, silenced by ads
  •  Volumes adjustable separately for all audio channels Multicast/Ads/Ringtone
  •  Internal microphone for environment listening (Monitor) and normal bidirectional communication
  •  1 alarm trigger input for one of the alternate functions:
  •    a) Generate a phone call and sends a message of alert (SIP SECURITY INFO CALL)
    b) Pre-recorded announcements launch from the speaker (Notice/Deterrence)
    c) “Push to Talk” feature for phone communication driven by local external Push to Talk button (not included)
  •  2 inputs for external call buttons to 2 programmable SIP numbers or IP addresses
  •  LAN P2P (Peer to Peer) operation even without PBX
  •  Remote programming via integrated LAN Web Server
  •  Compatible with all SIP standard IP-PBXs on the market
  • Mobile Phone integration via app.
  •  IP20 grade of protection
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LAN, protocols : TCP/IP Network 10/100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Grade of protection : IP20
Power Supply : PoE, Injector PoE or ext power supply
PoE : 802.3af class 0 12,95W
External Power Supply (Opt.) : 230Vac/12-24Vdc-1-2A
Security : Password access, activity logs
Inputs from external alarm commands : 1
Inputs for diversified call buttons : 2
Contact rating of the 2 internal relays : max 30Vdc – 1.5A
Technology : IMX25 400MHz processor
Memory : 256MB Ram, Micro-SD Flash 2GB
Housing material : painted metal
Operating temperature : from -20° to +55°C
Storage temperature : from -20° to +65°C
Umidity : up to 100%
Installation : ceiling mount
Dimensions : Diam. 200 x 92 mm
Weight : 1.1 Kg
Audio Amplifier : “D” Class (10W PoE) 12W (Ext. Pow.)
Acoustic unit impedance : 8 Ohm
Audio Bandwidth : 80 – 15.000 Hz
Acoustic pressure (SPL) : 102 dB (1KHz at 1 meter)
Internal Microphone : omnidirectional electret 30Hz-18KHz
Multicast RTP Audio Streaming : G.711 a-Law, μ-Law, G722
Audio Communication : Unidirectional and Bidirectional
Additional speakers : 1 passive speaker 8 Ohm 6W
Messages/Sounds : pre-recorded into the internal SD
Connection : SIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Smartphone APP : iOS, Android
Acoustic signaling : call tones, ads Ding-dong
Visual signaling : Active call led
Programming : user-friendly web interface and passwords
Origin : entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
Warranty : 2 years, possibility of extension (option)
Compatibility : CE, ROHS
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